Poem: Christmas List

Christmas List

Just give me a quiet place in the sun, 
a place to ponder, or
release the thoughts that plague and pester you. 

Give me the time to daydream like a child, 
to let the dust settle in my mind
and clarity emerge like a winter ridgeline. 

Give me evening with the woman I love
and nothing else to do but dine and talk and love
each other from dusk till dawn. 

Give me days without phones, disconnected
from phones and promises, 
time to be, and nothing else required. 

Give me a good meal, dining that lasts
for hours. A good bottle of wine, red and rich, 
fragrant with memories. 

Give me the things money cannot buy, 
things that are not things. Seashores and mountains, 
and vistas of geography and the heart, 

warm light at night to read by, 
time to reconnect to love and God and more than that, 

About this poem

The older I get, the less I want. But the greedier I get for time and love and the quiet places. 


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