Poem: The Lies We Tell Ourselves


The Lies We Tell Ourselves.

The lies you tell yourself surround you like a shroud.
They haunt you in the night.
They poison you each false truth a corruption,
a chain, leg irons destined to lock you forever in the dark
that keep you from seeing your own beauty.

They are thieves in the night,
emboldened by your self-induced blindness,
they leave you alone, unable to see the way out
or those that love you,
those who see what you do not and love you
not despite, but because of who you are.

About this poem

One of the things I have learned in the past few years as I have worked as a “life coach” (I hate that phrase, but I don’t have a better one.) is almost always a series of false beliefs, mostly about ourselves. Unveil those beliefs and replace them with reality, and most of us can have what we want, and finally come to understand just how lovable and wonderful we are. Sounds simple, but it’s work.

Work well worth it.


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