Poem: Odd Things in the Woods

odd things resized.JPG

Odd Things in the Forest

Odd things in the forest.
Strange noises and sights,
crooked paths,
surprises delightful and demonic,
trolls under the bridge,
unusual art, lascivious strangers,
Gods loud and quiet,
machines of another age, steampunk rusted,
reminders that you are not alone,
not even here,
that the ages still live,
happy to perturb or prance,
not quite on display,
not quite hidden,
lying in wait like Robin Hood’s archers,
bow strung tight as anxiety
ready to spring.

About this poem

Life is full of surprises. It just is. It’s how we handle them that defines us.

The picture was taken at Olana, home of the artist Frederick Church in Hudson, NY.



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