Poem: The Mingled Garden


The Mingled Garden

Flowers thrive here, in the mingled garden.
Wildness thrives, color, the feeding of bees.
Hardiness is borne here, a survivor’s magic,
slower and stronger to bloom than hothouse promises,
more likely to weather October winds with color and grace.

The bees worship here, in this colorful cathedral.
They dance and wallow in pollen of a thousand different stamen,
they leave behind grains of their journey at every pause,
more mingling. more opportunities for something new
in this messy garden.

You sit at your desk.
You have been in this place too long, growing stale,
surrendering too often to last year’s garden.
It is time to leave. To go outside, to dance with the bees
and learn the lessons of the flowers swinging in the sun.

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