Poem: Questions You Ask Yourself.


Questions You Ask Yourself

The gull flies silently across the shore,
its wings cut the air.

There is an urgency to its flight and you wonder
if he is flying to or from,
flying from fear or from desire.

Single-minded. Arrow focus.
A moving landmark, you are compelled
to follow it with your eyes.

Where has it come from?
Where is it going?

you ask yourself.

About this poem.

As a young man I always thought by the time I would hit my sixties, I’d be settled. I’d be satisfied with who and where I was in life.


Now, at 64, I have come to the place where I realize I will always be seeking change in myself. I will always be looking towards what’s next, and where can I grow?

It’s a good mix, a good place to be. I have come to a place where I live life more in the moment, fully able to enjoy and grasp the now, and yet not stagnant, always wondering and nudging (not pushing, just nudging) myself forward.

I wish I had come to this place younger. I think I would have had a happier life. But I sure can enjoy it now. And I am crazy grateful.



  1. I believe that being grateful contributes to our happiness!
    No life is ever perfect but we can be perfectly happy about the joy we have found along the way!
    Always a pleasure to read your poems!

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