Poem: God Leaks Out

God Leaks Out

Early in the morning and the animals are out.
Pigs and piglets foraging.
It is the same everywhere.
Baby sheep, calves, goats,
some of them on legs so wobbly
they can hardly stand.

I can hardly keep from laughing in delight,
walking through a different kind of church
where God leaks out each day.

About this poem

I was talking to a friend of mine this weekend and he asked if I had ever thought of writing more directly about God in my poetry, rather than write (as I often do) about God in a personal sense. It made me think. “I suppose I could.” I thought to myself.

Evidently I can’t. I guess I am a lousy evangelist. My hope is that I can live my so-so life and now and then, God will leak out. Meanwhile, God leaks out all around us.

The picture was taken just down the road from me.

Be well. Travel wisely.

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