Poem: Tell Me

Tell Me

Tell me
what you have seen.

Tell me where you have been
and why it matters.

Show me
your wounds

Tell me about their healing
and the people you have met along the way,
every scar a secret.

Tell me who you have loved
and who loved you,
or didn’t. Or left.
And how you are better off.

Tell me
what makes you laugh.
What makes you think.
What makes you sigh.

Where you are traveling
and where you want to travel
and why the difference.

Tell me anything.
Whatever you choose
and I will listen and keep your secrets.

For I am a man who loves mysteries
and never names the murderer
until the credits roll.

About this poem.

I am a person people talk to. I don’t know why. One of those faces I suppose, or maybe it is just because I am comfortable not talking.

Places talk to me too. Which is why today’s picture, of a house about an hour north of me on the way to Vergennes, Vermont.


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