Poem: Directions


It is not the fence that matters.
It is the gate, and whether
it is open, or closed.

Letting others in.
Letting you out.

About this poem.

It began long. Ended up short. Happens all the time.

The picture was taken near Peaks of Otter, Virginia.


  1. And letting you back in … at times I return to prior inner spaces against “Don’t go there!” advice of others … good to leave the gate open for moving back and forth freely.

  2. Hi Tom….I love this picture, and the poem. Would you mind if I did a watercolor of it? I’m happily taking some art classes on zoom with a fantastic teacher, but am trying to expand on my own a bit. I just fixed on this because I like the image and colors and open gates mean a lot to me…. Would credit your photo…let me know…



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